Payroll and HR for healthcare managments. Specialize in timecards and scheduling worker’s time tables. 

The Task:

Working on difference scheduling solutions for empoyless to veiw the upcoming schedules. Design easy to use feature to move empoyees around. 

Main challenges: 

1. How to move around empolyess easily

2. When adjusting schedule how do you make sure employess are not working double shifts

3. Making sure scheudle doesn’t clash with annual leave and vacations

4. Seeing an overview of required hours at the same time of scheduleing


The Work

Performed features analysis

Researched the features and explored UX patterns and practices

Presented several design wireframes

Sketched basic designs for the client to choose from

Planned form architecture

Drafted an intuitive, easy layout

Instructions and feedback

Provided the developer before and after video instructions.

Screen Shots


Multiple sketches were provided and the client feedback was.
Let’s use all of them!

Key features:

1. Easy click and drag to move around employees schedule
2. Range of different views to have a clear inside of what is going on in the facility.
3. Empolyess status changes while dragging to make sure there is no clash with overtime

Client Review

Flexible. Quick delivery. No guesswork.

We were looking for a fast turnover to take our current style and apply it to new ideas and components.

What stood out is the fact that you took the work very seriously. You were able to grasp the content and put your all into every aspect.

Even for simple tasks, you were very creative and had an in-depth understanding of how we could make this the best for the user. We appreciate the research you put into the project. The UX functionalities and the thought behind everything were impressive.

By working with you, we were able to better define the product requirements on the business side and translate them into productive development on the engineering side.

Faige Herman
Product Mananger SBV