GM Therapy Center

Green Meadows Therapy Center represents the future of interactive therapy centers. Run by a team of professionals and home to over fifty animals this is the ideal place for comprehensive treatment in the most motivating environment.

The Task:

Design a website that exudes calm, security, and uniqueness which will prompt the viewers to book a session. The parent should be confident that GM Therapy Center will meet their children’s needs and help them succeed. The site should give over the feeling of healing and nature.

The Work

Performed competitive market analysis

Researched the industry and explored the vibe the site should portray

Created mood board to gauge design style

Determined which colors and fonts match the brand

Built the site in wordpress with HTML and CSS

Used lightweight and fast-loading coding language

Planned site architecture

Drafted an intuitive, easy layout

Presented several design wireframes

Sketched basic designs for the client to choose from

Set up website hosting

Set up website hosting

Platforms Used:

css logo
html5 logo


After exploring different options the client decided to go with purple and green which represents calmness, nature and friendliness. The font chosen was geared towards the younger audience so that it would inspire confidence in the parents that this is a safe and growing environment.

Client Review

I were delighted with the first website Chani Freedman built for me so we decided to ask her to build this one as well!

Aryeh Petegorsky, CEO, GM Therapy Center