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The Task:

E-Commerce item has at least two identifiers, a SKU and an ASIN,  the customers want to see both at once.

The challenge is that  one ASIN can have multiple SKU’s and one SKU can have multiple ASIN’s. We cannot just show both without good UI/UX for 2 reasons:

1) The user needs to specify the main identifier he chose to run the report for, it could be more than one of the other identifiers.
2) We need to identify the main display and show clearly that this identifier generates the report.

We want to display other information about a product, mainly the product condition and the product description (but then we face the same issue what if there’s multiple products how can we show multiple descriptions).

The Work

Performed features analysis

Researched the features and explored UX patterns and practices

Presented several design wireframes

Sketched basic designs for the client to choose from

Planned form architecture

Drafted an intuitive, easy layout

Instructions and feedback

Provided the developer before and after video instructions.

Before and After


The research was challenging as the problem faced was unique. Collaboration was with multiple members of the team incorporating everyone’s feedback.  grouping was to be clear, and the goal was to veiw as many items at once. It was a comprehensive challenge!

Client Review

Outweighed 10 other designers!

We were struggling to find UX solutions for tricky parts of our software. From the 10 designers we collaborated with, you stood out to be the most creative. Not only did you grasp the intricacies of our software, your insightful questions made us think deeper into the intricacies of our program. We are thrilled with your intuitive and creative work!

Yakov Kellner
Human Resources, Connect Books